Have Fun Shopping in Rancho Cucamonga and Give Great Gifts with These Ideas

Published November 21, 2017

It’s a Great Place to Live

Rancho Cucamonga is a beautiful place to live. You love being nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. You love the trails and the lifestyle even though you may get tired of trying to explain to visitors how to pronounce the name of your city (just like it’s spelled). And, now, with the Holidays approaching, Rancho Cucamonga is turning into a truly magical place. Here are some great gift ideas you’ll find right in your own hometown.

The Bountiful Basket Puts Your Gift Together

What fun! There’s something for everyone on your list. You can choose from their designs or you can ask them to customize a basket for you to give to that special someone. Having a hard time shopping for the teenage girl on your list? There’s a basket for that and it has everything a teenage girl loves – body lotion, shower gel, shimmering body glimmer, nail polish, a photo album, Trendy eyeshadow and much, much more. There’s a champagne and Godiva chocolate basket if someone on your gift list has refined taste – very refined taste. But, if you think Bountiful Baskets is just for the children, the teens and the women – think again! Because there’s a great gift for the man in your life and on your list – it’s a bucket that comes complete with an extension cord, pliers, screwdrivers and much more – plus that good-looking, take-it-with-you tool belt. Don’t stress over your gift-giving list. Have some fun and put it all in a basket!

Amazing Lash is Amazing!

Amazing Lash is Amazing

What a gift for the woman in your life – or, if you’re a woman, for you mother, your daughter or your best friend. You’re giving two gifts. First, with Amazing Lash Studio eyelash extensions that woman is going to look gorgeous 24/7. Next, you’re giving the gift of time. No more grabbing the mascara and eyeliner before she answers the door, goes to the office or heads for the grocery store. With eyelash extensions framing her eyes, she’s ready to go. And, that can mean a little extra shuteye in the morning or a little more time with her feet up because she’s going to cut time from her makeup routine. Plus, the best part of the gift is that you’re giving her confidence. When a woman knows she’s looking her best, she’s ready to take on the world -- or at least everything in her busy day from the carpool to the big meeting at the office. Think about a $100 gift card – enough to let her get her first set of extensions and decide whether she wants to be cute, sexy, natural or glamorous. Just be prepared to be amazed when she bats her new eyelashes at you.

Celebrate Your Town Without Leaving Home

How about a onesie for the baby that says, “I’m a big deal in Rancho Cucamonga”. Or, would you prefer the diaper bag? You’ll find them at CaféPress. It’s an online site at www.cafepress.com, but it’s got Rancho Cucamonga down to a “T” -- that would be a tee-shirt for men or women. You can celebrate the historic Route 66 that ran between Rancho Cucamonga and San Bernardino on everything from clothing to pillows to refrigerator magnets. You can even buy the mug that says, “Rancho Cucamonga…Been There”. It’s a fun website for anyone who wants to celebrate their hometown or their visit to Rancho Cucamonga without leaving home.

You Can Give Relaxation

Your gift is going to be the envy of everyone who didn’t think of it. Massage Envy is a gift of total relaxation whether she or he picks a massage or a facial. (Yep, men get both). You can relax, too. Massage Envy has gift cards from $75 to $150 and each tells you exactly what the recipient can receive. Gift cards usually come with an introductory massage or facial, but you can pick from all the different services and customize that gift card and the amount to cover your choice. Think a sports massage for him or a prenatal massage for the mother-to-be. It’s fun to match the massage to the recipient. Remember that the benefits of massage include everything from relaxation to reducing aches and pains. You’ll find the right massage for everyone on your list. Of course, for all of you procrastinators, they’re e-cards so you can wait until just about the last minute to purchase your gift. Now, that’s real relaxation.

Love Rancho Cucamonga!

Shop the favorites that show the recipient how proud you are of your town! It’s much more than a “sandy place”, the origin of its name. Cucamonga is a beautiful community so celebrate it with your gift-giving.