Here Are 5 Things to Help You Buy a Mattress Online

Published November 21, 2017

Buying a mattress online is a smart move. You can get big savings and a great night rest. Here are 5 tips to help you find the Mattress and the price that are right for you. 1. Remember, Reviews are someone’s Opinion. Reviews can be very helpful when it comes to customer service, delivery, and returns. However, a mattress is a very personal item. Just because a mattress is perfect for one person does not mean it will be perfect for another. Reviews about the comfort level should be taken for what they are – one person’s personal opinion. 2. Don't be afraid to start your mattress search in a local store. There is no doubt that you can save hundreds of dollars buying a mattress online or that the mattress experience in the local stores can be less than ideal. However, softness and firmness are very subjective. Going to a local store to discover what comfort level feels best for you can help you find the right mattress online and make the online buying experience less overwhelming. 3. There is a difference between a $500, $1000, and a $1,500 mattress. But, that does not mean that you have to spend $1,500 to get a great bed or get a great night’s sleep. A more expensive mattress typically means the mattress will feature components that help your body get the best pressure point relief, support, comfort, and durability. Part of understanding how much you should spend on a mattress revolves around personal needs. If you are someone that can sleep anywhere, anytime, you probably don't need the most expensive mattress. However, if you have difficult sleeping or certain health concerns, many times spending a little bit more on your mattress will help alleviate sleeping problems and maximize sleep. Buy a Mattress Online 4. Great Customer Service and Free Returns are now norms in the online mattress industry. Never be afraid to reach out to different companies via email, chat or over the phone. Asking for help and getting great information can help you narrow down the different options. If you send an email and don't hear back for three days or can never get a hold of anyone on the phone, these should be red flags. If you ever have any concerns with your mattress or order, it is realistic that you should hear back from the company in 24 hours. 5. It Matters where your Mattress is Made. We always recommend mattresses that are made in the USA. The main reason is quality control and compression time. There are many great manufactures of beds that come from overseas. But, the problem a consumer must be aware of is that the company they are purchasing from has no control over what actually comes to their home. The mattress could be made perfectly to the standards the company requested or it could be made with subpar materials. This may not be evident until 5 years down the road when the mattress starts to fail. Also, mattress that come from overseas can sit in a box for up 3-6 months. When foam is compressed this long it can start to compromise its durability. Buying a mattress online can save you time, money and stress. Use these 5 tips to help find a mattress that will give you comfort, support and a great night’s rest.