When a child is struggling, no one wants to help more than the parent.Toru Kumon was that Dad, a high school math teacher in Japan. When his son was having a hard time with second-grade math, Kumon stepped in. As a teacher, he knew that a strong foundation if math basics – addition and subtraction, multiplication and division – were skills that were needed to not only to advance in math, but they were life skills. He developed worksheets that eventually grew to encompass higher level math.

Did it work? Kumon started working with his son. The method he used – short, incremental assignments-- had the son doing calculus by grade six. Kumon’s efforts not only helped his child succeed in Japan’s rigorous educational programs; it grew into a worldwide method of helping children from age 3 through high school learn and succeed. Kumon tutoring, which began 50 years ago with helping his child, has become the largest worldwide franchise. The system is based on daily practice and self-paced advancement. The Kumon franchise will help its students, age 3 through high school, to master a skill – both math and reading proficiency. Almost 1500 successful Kumon franchises are in operation in the USA and there are 24,338 helping children in 50 countries across the globe. As a franchisee, you are not just investing in your successful future – you’re investing in the successful future of children.



  • Lessons are self-paced to create subject mastery
  • Very low startup investment
  • You control your franchise and how many students enroll
  • Low net worth and liquid assets required
  • You earn a living plus the joy of helping children succeed


  • Must have a 4-year college degree
  • Hands-on ownership is required
  • Must be able to motivate students
  • Expected to uphold Kumon’s core values
  • You must build your student population

Conclusion: The Kumon franchise gives you the opportunity to control your own future while you build a better future for the students that come to your Center. You can hire as many assistants as you want; you can enroll the number of students that is right for you and your franchise. The investment is reasonable, but it is up to you to grow your franchise to the level you desire. You will have to work with children who may be struggling and discouraged and parents who are worried their child and his or her ability to learn. You will have to give both the child and the parent the reassurance that they’ve come to the right place to find success.


The Kumon Franchise is a franchise that gives you an affordable startup as well as the ability to control your growth and income. The fee is not refundable, but it is only $1,000 and its broken into two parts. The first payment is a $500 training fee and when you “graduate” and sign the franchise agreement another $500 is due. Another $1000 will be neededbefore opening to purchase the materials for the Kumon method.

Initial Franchise Fee $1,000 (nonrefundable)
Materials Fee $1,000
On-going Royalty $32 to $36 per student/per month
Net-Worth Requirement $150,000
Liquid Cash Requirement $70,000
Leasehold Improvements $30,000 to $65,000


You’re making an investment in a franchise that has been proven worldwide. You will own a business that makes smart kids smarter, helps struggling students catchup and helps make learning an enjoyable lifelong pursuit. You’re being smart, too. Because, you’re buying the franchise that Entrepreneur named the number 1 tutoring franchise in 2017.

The Kumon Method

Kumon Centers break learning into step-by-step, daily assignments that take about 30 minutes to complete. The child advances as skills in math and reading are mastered. Two of their weekly session are held at your Center and the other 5 days of work are completed at home. Daily worksheets measure their progress. The method is designed to your studentsmore than an academic edge. It also builds a confidence edge that will carry them through college and life.

A Proven Investment

How many franchises can say they have over 25,000 locations worldwide? Kumon may be the only franchise that can make that claim. Plus, they were named the #1 tutoring franchise by the experts at Entrepreneur in 2017. Best of all, the franchise not only shows you years and years of success, it puts you in charge. You can decide how many students you want to serve and how many assistants you want to hire. You are in control and you determine your own future.

Pleasing Parents

Is the child ahead or behind? Parents struggle to know how their children are performing at school. Often, they have no assessment of their child’s progress until a conference or reporting period. You solve that with the Kumon method. Kumon presents learning that is logical and step-by-step. The daily lessons give the parents the information they want and the insight to make good educational decisions for the child.


If you want a career that makes you feel good about what you accomplish and lets you control your work environment, a Kumon Center is a great franchise for you. Start with what you do. You will be fully trained to know how to assess your students and give them the logical, daily help they need to conquer reading and math skills. You also give them the advantage of feeling accomplished and confident. That will help them as they seek higher education and begin their careers. And, when it comes to your own work schedule. You’re in charge. You can decide how many students you are going to accept. You can hire the right number of assistants to work with students. You can even set your own hours. Do you want to build a larger client base by offering evening and weekend hours? You’re going to make all those decisions based on your income needs and the work schedule you want. Remember, though, you are the face of the franchise and need to be at the Center – not an absentee owner.


You have to have a 4-year college degree. If you have a background in education, that’s a plus. If you don’t, don’t worry. If you want to work with children…if you want the fulfilling career that comes from watching children and teens grow in knowledge and confidence, the Kumon franchise will make sure you get the training you need. The Kumon Instructor Development Program is a twelve-day training program that takes place over about 4 months at two locations. You’ll learn at the regional office overseeing your area and at the headquarters in New Jersey. There will also be continuing education to keep refining your skills and adding to your success. You’ll learn how to give your student-clients the edge that will serve them now and throughout their education and careers. You’ll learn the assessment process to identify their starting level and how to lead the students through the logical progression of learning that Kumon offers. You will teach success!

It’s the right one for you if:

  • You have a 4-year college degree;
  • You enjoy working with children;
  • You can motivate your staff and your students;
  • You understand and can answer parents’ concerns; and,
  • You want to build confidence and a love of learning!


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