You know that the healthcare industry is booming. Americans spend almost $90 billion (with a B) just looking for relief from back and neck pain -- trying everything from surgery and doctors’ visits to X-rays, scans and medications. It’s a huge business category, but, you may think that it’s a closed door for you. You are wrong. The Joint Chiropractic franchise is opening that door not just for chiropractors, but for any investor. It’s a new concept that focuses on one thing – the spine with manual adjustments done by hand. It gives chiropractors the opportunity to do what they trained to do – improve the quality of their patients’ lives. The franchise streamlines their practice and creates consistent revenue. You don’t have to be a chiropractor to participate! For the investor, you can also become a franchisee, staff The Joint office and benefit from a profitable model in the still growing medical field.

For the chiropractor or owner, the model cuts through the expensive costs of chasing insurance payments. The Joint works much like a gym. A client buys a treatment package/membership for a specific number of appointments. This allows them to make appointments or simply walk in. The best part for that person? They will probably pay less than they would have paid for a copay and they don’t need a referral. It means that if a person wakes up with a sore back or leaves the pickup basketball game with an aching spine, they can get immediate relief with a manual manipulation. Started in 2003, you have a 14-year track record to review. Or, you can look at the success of over 370 existing franchises. It’s a great opportunity to be part of the medical field.



  • In the top 10 of Franchise Time’s Fast & Furious list
  • Simplifies a chiropractor’s office
  • Allows ownership without being a chiropractor
  • No insurance paperwork for clients or the office
  • Low cost and easy access


  • Still a new concept in many communities
  • Non-chiropractors must hire a chiropractor
  • Visible location required
  • Only routine care is offered
  • Must plan for both appointments and walk-ins

Conclusion: This is an opportunity to be part of the huge -- $3 trillion – healthcare business. You don’t have to be a chiropractor. However, for chiropractors this franchise simplifies the office. There’s no chasing insurance companies for payment or dealing with a patient’s copay or need for a referral. The vision of the founder was to provide routine chiropractic care that is easy to access and very affordable. It’s working!


This franchise is very affordable! Given the high cost of healthcare that is a very pleasant surprise for the potential investor! There is even third-party financing to help with startup costs, equipment, inventory, accounts receivable and payroll. You have the help you need to enter the medical field and provide help that is, literally, hands on!

Initial Franchise Fee $39,900
On-going Royalty 7%
Advertising Royalty Fee 2%
Architectural Costs $8,500 to $12,000
Leasehold Improvements $85,000 to $130,000
Net-Worth Requirement $250,000
Liquid Cash Requirement $100,000


The Joint allows entrepreneurs and chiropractors to extend quality, routine care with a practice that is easy to run and with the potential for high returns. For those seeking chiropractor care for their aching back, it’s as simple as walking in and getting care at a very affordable price or becoming a member for an even lower price per visit.

Accessible Routine Care

Visiting a chiropractor is a visit that can relieve back and neck pain, some of the most annoying and debilitating pain a person endures. Now, routine, hands-on treatment to soothe back pain and restore balance is as easy as walking in The Joint. Offices are located in highly visible spots – by a grocery store, for example. Plus, The Joint has extended hours. Help is available in the evening, on Saturday and, in some cases, even on Sunday.

A Typical Visit

Routine Chiropractic care can make a big difference in a person’s well-being. The first visit to The Joint will start with a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic explaining the benefits and answering the client’s question. He or she will perform an exam and determine if chiropractic care is right for the person. If it is, they will receive an adjustment on a specially constructed table. If something more than routine care is needed, another provider will be suggested.

Why Chiropractors Join The Joint

Why a would a Doctor of Chiropractic would want to become a franchisee? The Joint allows the chiropractor to do what he or she was trained to do – bring comfort and well-being to the patient. The chiropractor can concentrate on the patient – not on chasing payment from an insurance company or worrying about what your copay is. Instead, he or she can provide the routine chiropractic maintenance and care that brought them to the profession.


It’s a whole different way to give and receive chiropractic care. The Joint is a publicly-traded franchise that is based on making routine chiropractic care both affordable and easy to access. No appointments are needed. No insurance is needed. The client can make an appointment or simply walk in for relief. That’s great for the weekend athlete. Yes, the offices are open on Saturday and some are open on Sunday, too. So, when that pick-up game leaves causes a sore back, there’s no waiting an appointment or for Monday. A client won’t have to worry about insurance or a co-pay. They get the care you want, when they need it – at a price that may be lower than what a copay might cost. For the investor or chiropractor, it’s a small office that is easy to manage and the costly time that was lost chasing insurance payment is no longer needed. The gym-styled membership reduces the cost for the patients and provides the office with a consistent and recurring revenue stream. It’s a win-win!


As the franchisee, you will get all the tools you need to have a thriving chiropractic office. There are purchasing co-ops to make having everything needed both easier to find and less expensive. You’ll have help with marketing so that aching back can find your location. The office is simplified. Only routine, maintenance care is provided. As few as 3 to 5 people can run the office efficiently – and that includes the licensed Doctor of Chiropractic. The franchisor will help from the very beginning and throughout the life of your franchise. From site selection to advertising, you’ll have the help of the experienced franchisor team. More than ample training is provided for the franchisee – whether that person is a chiropractor or entrepreneur. You’ll have 43 hours of training at the headquarters and 40 hours of training onsite. The franchise is designed to do one thing – make routine chiropractic care available at a price that is affordable and make it easy to find.

It’s the right one for you if:

  • You’re a chiropractor and to simplify your practice;
  • You want to make care easy to find and use;
  • You don’t want to deal with insurance companies;
  • You believe routine care helps create wellness; and,
  • You want a healthy investment!


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