If you’re in the market to become a franchisee, why not reach for the Sky – Sky Zone! Enjoy a franchise that combines family fun with fitness. Sky Zone is a room filled with wall-to-wall trampolines and fun things to do while you jump. It’s where you can design your own “league play” or just let your guests jump to their own beat. Sky Zone opened as a Las Vegas attraction in 2004. The franchise started in 2009 with just 3 company stores. By 2017, it had earned 148 franchise locations and 32 foreign franchises. One of the attractions of the franchise is that it gives you a multi-revenue stream, child-to-adult appeal.

The original idea pioneered by Rick Platt was that the trampoline center would become a new sport, competitive trampoline dodgeball, but that didn’t fly. However, once the center was opened to the public, attendance and profits jumped. In 2006, Jeff Platt, the owner and creator’s son, decided to open a second location in St. Louis, Missouri where he was attending college. He increased the size of the Sky Zone and added air conditioning. The second location was soon more successful than the first and was featured on television. Calls came from interested parties, but Platt wasn’t ready to franchise. In 2008, he was ready to grow his brand. After a slow start, the franchise took off as more and more potential franchisees saw the blend of family fun, fitness – and profits. Sky Zone ranked as the second fastest growing franchise for 2017 in Franchise Time’s fast and furious. It may be the jump to success you’re trying to find!



  • A concept that has gained great popularity
  • Combines fun and fitness
  • Multiple profit streams
  • Original wall-to-wall founding company
  • #55 Forbes most promising companies


  • High startup costs
  • Large staff needed to monitor jumpers
  • Higher insurance costs
  • Must enforce safe flying
  • Costs fluctuate according to building size

Conclusion: If you’re looking for a franchise that offers fun and fitness – and an opportunity for you to develop different revenue streams from parties and to a climbing wall, Sky Zone might be your happy zone. You will join franchisers in the USA and Canada (with Mexico and Australia set to come) who are enjoying both success and owning a franchise that brings lots of fun – and fitness – to their guests.


Your final costs will be dependent on the size of your location which can range from 15,000 square feet to as much as 30,000 square feet. You want at least two playing fields and, truly, it’s the more the merrier. This comes in on the high range with a $60,000 franchise fee and as much as over $2.5 million for a 30,000-sq. ft. facility.

Initial Franchise Fee $60,000
On-going Royalty 6%
Advertising Royalty Fee 2%
Insurance 2-mo. deposit $15,500 to $16,300
Playing fields $427,195 to $452,423
Net-Worth Requirement $1,500,000
Liquid Cash Requirement $400,000
ESTIMATED TOTAL STARTUP COSTS $1,343,813 to $1,654,833


It’s going to give your guests fun and you’re going to get lots of satisfaction, but this franchise requires a dedicated staff to keep everyone safe. You can add to the extras like a climbing wall to increase your bottom line. Get ready to enjoy the smiles of your guests and the income the franchise provides.

The Kids Knew

Sky Zone is fun! When Rick Platt started out to create a new sport, he found that it was kids who were coming in to pay the price of admission to just jump around. The original Las Vegas facility took on a new name, Sky Zone, and changed their direction from sport to family fun. It was the kids – still great customers – who changed the direction of the business. They knew that the Sky Zone could offer high-flying family fun.

Plan a Celebration

You can go with the time-tested winners for Sky Zone – parties. Kids love to jump. Parents love a birthday party that is a big hit – and easy! Children’s parties may become your mainstay, but don’t forget to aim for the older crowd, too. Teens love it and Sky Zone franchisees have hosted many a successful sweet sixteen party. Adults love the jump around, too. Bachelor parties are another party business that you want to encourage!

Keep Jumping

Here’s a fact a franchisee can love. The St. Louis location brought in $400,000 in just 4-weeks! Count on your franchise team to keep things hopping. They are constantly looking for new ways to invite customers to play and compete – or just enjoy some fun. There’s a toddler time that gets the littlest guests giggling. Not just children need to play – Sky Zone is fun for guests of all ages. Watch the dads challenge their kids to a high jump contest!


Get ready to engage your guests in the many activities you can offer at your own Sky Zone location. Start with freestyle jump but don’t forget engaging the sporty types (or even teams) in the more competitive side of your Sky Zone. Competitive dodgeball never became a professional sport despite the original vision, but it’s a winner for you! Add a Warrior Course that will have friends competing and showing off their speed, strength and agility on a trampoline floor. The Challenge Zone will test their coordination as they travel through all the obstacles. You’ll give your guests a soft landing as they attempt huge air in the Foam Zone. Some locations have even added a climbing wall – complete with automatic belays – to add to the fun and bring in more customers who love those heights. From SkyHoops to SkyJoust, you offer fitness and fun as your guests compete to see who can win the competition – whether it’s an under-12 group or an over-40 gathering.


Your franchise will get off to a high-flying start. First, there are 46 hours of training at the headquarters and that’s followed up with 27 hours of onsite training. You’ll know all the ends and outs of running a successful Sky Zone. But, that’s just the beginning. You’ll be part of money-saving purchasing co-ops and supported by co-op advertising with the ad slicks provided. National and regional media will complement your local efforts. A newsletter and meetings will keep you updated. You’ll even have help with security and field operations. The franchise allows absentee ownership so you don’t have to quit your job to become a franchisee, but after watching all the fun that happens in your location every day, you just might want to opt for onsite ownership. Sky Zone originated the idea of wall-to-wall trampolines and the fun and fitness they provide. You can be assured that you are signing on for franchise that is the leader in its field.

It’s the right one for you if:

  • You like family-pleasing activity;
  • You can meet the minimum requirements;
  • You recognize the value of fitness partnered with fun;
  • You can turn a birthday party into a celebration; and,
  • You just want to jump to new heights yourself!


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