Want an award-winning franchise? Romeo’s Pizza will be happy to show you their credentials. How about Best Gourmet Pizza in America? Or, what about being featured on the Food Network? Add a full menu that includes sandwiches, salads, wings and, even, dessert beignets to please everyone in the family and the sweet tooth. They were voted Best Pizza in Columbus, Ohio four years in a row and your location will be award winning in your hometown. While Romeo’s has been a regional franchise, it’s a proven business model that is poised to take new areas by storm. That’s a big plus for you – you can get in on the ground floor in your chosen location.

The full menu of Romeo’s Pizza is a proven success. It’s not just pizza or a side salad. It’s a Tuscan Salad or a Chicken Salad. The available subs also run a full gourmet gauntlet. There’s a Premium Steak Burger Sub or a Classic Veggie Sub. There’s even chicken tenders and onion rings. In short, the expanded menu is family pleasing. And, it definitely improves your bottom line. Gourmet, award-winning pizza and something for everyone; you just can’t top that. The success of the franchise is proven by the many one-store owners who have chosen to become the owners of multiple locations. They know a winner when they experience it. They wanted more! You may just follow in their footsteps because multiple locations are available.



  • Amazing credentials & awards – including Food Network
  • Innovative pizza combinations that help you go gourmet
  • A variety of food so everyone can enjoy Romeo’s
  • Low franchise fee and initial investment
  • You can get in on the ground floor of their expansion


  • Just moving outside their regional territory
  • Competitive market segment
  • $800,000 net work needed to start multi-units
  • Need to expand brand identity
  • Business experience desired

Conclusion: While the Romeo’s name may not be as widely known as some other food franchises, the credentials it brings are going to make it easy for you to brand Romeo’s in your location. The low fees and initial costs make ownership achievable and there is third-party financing available to help. If you love being innovative, believe is great customer service and fabulous pizza, it may be the best fit for you.


The Romeo’s Pizza franchise offers real value. The initial fee is low. You can open a location for under $125,000 at the low end and just $383,000 at the high end. You may be the first Romeo’s in your area. You’ll have to build the brand. However, the franchise gives you a solid foundation to build on and to give you the success you’re hoping to find.

Initial Franchise Fee $20,000
On-going Royalty 5%
Ad Royalty Fee 1-2% co-op, 3% local
Leasehold Improvement/Design Fees $170,000 to $238,000
Net-Worth Requirement $250,000 (single unit)
Liquid Cash Requirement $100,000 (single unit)


Romeo’s Pizza is serious about success. They have proven that they can be the best of the best and they expect their franchisees to continue to live up to the high standards of the brand. The strong leadership team of the franchisor makes that success much easier to attain with help at every step as you develop your own Romeo’s Pizza.

Why Romeo’s

They’ve always gone all out. And, now that they’ve decided to franchise, they’re offering a remarkable opportunity. The leadership team of Romeo’s is franchisee focused and will work with you to help you make their time-tested (16 years!) business model pay you a strong return on investment. They will continue to innovate; they will continue to grow. But, they’ll do it one franchisee at a time for personalized service that makes a real difference.

Awards and More Awards

Romero’s Pizza came in third in the Food Network competition, but they’re used to taking first. Best Pizza in the Midwest – three times. They were named the best pizza in Columbus 4 years in a row and they’ve been named the best pizza in 8 different communities. Founder Sean Brauser has been the keynote speaker at the International Pizza Expo. When you work with Romeo’s Pizza, you’re working with a proven leader in the pizza world. They’ll take you to new heights!

Pizza is Center Stage

The pizza choices at Romeo’s make pizza the star of the show. What pizza won the Best Gourmet Pizza in America? It was the Great Ranch and Potato Pizza. You probably haven’t seen it on any other menu, but the combination of Italian sausage, caramelized onions, red potatoes, Wisconsin cheese blend & ranch flavored almonds with ranch bacon sauce was a winner. They loved it! But, all the traditionals are there too – like the meat-loaded Butcher Shop Specialty Pizza.


American’s love Italian. They love pizza, Stromboli and calzones. But, sometimes the choice is hard. If you want great, hearty Italian, where do you go? Somehow, having these favorites served up on a white linen tablecloth feels a little odd. On the other hand, trying to get that gourmet Italian taste is hard to find at the fast food pizza places. Romeo’s Pizza fills a gap and gives you a special niche that is going to build your bottom line. Expensive? No. Even the specialty pizzas start a low price point, just over $10. And, there are many selections under that price including pizza, Stromboli and calzones. Delivered? Yes! Or, you can pick it up. You can take home a gourmet meal that doesn’t stretch your budget and the only tablecloth you need is the one on your kitchen table. Plus, you don’t have to listen to the family member who wants something different. It’s a full menu. There are wings; there are subs. There are even onion rings, potato wedges and chicken tenders. It’s a winning formula.


Romeo’s executive team works for you. They will design a program/business plan that meets your specific needs. That plan will include a review of upcoming marketing programs, plus training sessions for new products and updated processes. They’ll help develop an action plan to move you forward. Expect their ongoing support with profit and loss reviews, coaching and developing store leaders. They are working with you to insure your success. Plus, you or your managing partner will get 4 to 6 weeks of training that includes the specifics like station training and local store marketing. You’ll learn about management skills, problem solving and financial analysis. Romeo is proud – proud of everything they have accomplished, every award won and every happy customer. They want to make sure that as you open your Romeo’s Pizza you are fully prepared to meet the high standards of the brand, to serve unmatched quality food and to give your customers have an amazing experience.

It’s the right one for you if:


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