The only thing retro about Retro Fitness is the 1980s movies that entertain the cardio workout guests. This is a well-established franchise, built on offering full fitness services from personalized training to cardio and weight classes. Retro Fitness is a proven investment that has been franchising for more than a decade. It offers an attractive, low monthly fee to members – just $19.99. A member can pay $10 more and receive unlimited classes and training – plus, free babysitting for one child. The affordability of Retro Fitness makes it attractive to both regular users and the person who wants gym access but only comes in occasionally.

A Retro Fitness franchise is a win-win. It’s part of a fast growing business category – good health and fitness! In 2014 more than 54 million Americans had paid gym memberships and memberships are continuing to grow. 2015 added almost another million gym memberships. With a Retro Fitness franchise, you have both growth potential and the benefits of a company with a track record of success. You can count on getting the expert advice from both the franchiser and from other experienced franchise owners.



  • A franchise with a long track record of success
  • Low fee attracts both the casual and dedicated gym users
  • Excellent support
  • Stable monthly income
  • Average Retro Fitness has over 3000 members
  • Absentee owners accepted


  • High startup costs
  • Deep pockets needed to qualify for franchise
  • Competitive business category
  • Lease improvements, furnishings and equipment required

Conclusion: The fitness industry continues to grow. From the Internet to magazines to television reporting, emphasis is being put on living a healthy life. More and more Americans are trying to meet their fitness and good health goals. Retro Fitness has been in business since 2002 and franchising since 2006. It’s an established, successful business model. Growth potential and experience add up to a winning investment. Whether you want to take responsibility for the day-to-day management or leave that to the team you hire, you will have more than a decade of franchisee experience for backup. The investment is hefty but the rewards are quantifiable and even better.


A gym requires equipment – lots of it – and that ups the ante for startup. Additionally, this is a well-established franchise that is looking for investors who can maintain its excellent reputation in new locations. Costs are high, but the franchisee receives the value of the name, excellent support and a business that creates a dependable, regular income.

Initial Franchise Fee $69,000
On-going Royalty %5
Ad Royalty Fee %2
Net-Worth Requirement $1,500,000 (with $300,000 liquid cash)
Equipment and furnishings $85,000 to $125,000
Lease improvements $660,000 to $900,000
ESTIMATED TOTAL STARTUP COSTS $943,350 to $1,892,250


Retro Fitness is a franchise for the serious investor. However, when you decide that the opportunity for both growth and stable income makes it the right franchise for you, here are three things you can expect when you become part of the Retro Fitness family.

Help with the Build

Retro Fitness sets the standards for the center. That means that you will need to provide the required equipment. Lease improvements will need to be made to provide locker room facilities and exercise areas, the juice bar, a babysitting area and other amenities. While financing is not available for the initial fee, third party financing is available to help with the start-up costs.

You Have a Strong
Foundation of Support

Retro Fitness pledges “dedicated support from industry experts in every stage of development to ensure a smooth road to success”. They stand behind this pledge and the offer and easy-to-manage business platform. Their support covers everything from field operations to security. You’ll get 14-days of on-site training plus 5 days of training at the company’s headquarters.

A Track Record of Success

Retro Fitness has established a low monthly fee to attract members and offers the needed equipment and personalized help for members of all fitness levels. The top 10 Retro Fitness Centers have average gross sales of $2,197,482 and average revenue of $149.04 per square foot. If you are a top 10 Center, you’ll probably have more than 6000 members, but even average Centers cater to about 3000 happy members.


Retro Fitness offers the equipment and training for everyone from those who are just getting started on the road to fitness to dedicated athletes. From cardio to weight training and classes to personalized training, Retro Fitness has the equipment and staffing to meet every client’s needs and help them meet their fitness goals. Extended hours are offered at most locations and some are open 24 hours a day. These extended hours mean that more people with busy lives can take advantage of the Retro Fitness Center and they are a strong invitation to new members. The extras – from your Retro Juice Bar to personalized training – increase your revenue stream while they please your members. Add the affordable monthly fees and you can see why Retro Fitness is a fitness center of choice and has the ability to bring in thousands of members at each location.


The Retro Fitness model is fun. Doing cardio while watching a favorite 1980’s movie helps a member enjoy their time at the Center and builds comradery among members. They can relax at your juice bar and make new friends. If your members are proud of keeping their commitment to being in better shape and having fun while they meet those goals, they are likely to remain your member. Plus, the $19.99 monthly fee is affordable and doesn’t create guilt in the month the member doesn’t keep come in as often. There are 150 Retro Fitness Centers and growing. A testimony to the success of the franchise is that 55% of the owners have invested in multiple units. Franchises are available in all 50 states. Each new franchisee can count on the firm foundation of a great reputation to build their own success.

It’s the right one for you if:

  • You want a franchise with a predictable, stable monthly income;
  • You are willing to pay more for a franchise that offers more;
  • You don’t want to be tied down to the day-to-day management;
  • You enjoy helping others learn to live a healthier lifestyle;
  • You want a franchise with a strong track records of success, and
  • You appreciate third-party financial help.

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