If you’re looking for a ground-floor opportunity with all the necessary elements for success, PizzaFire is a franchise you might want to investigate. Start with an award-winning chef who has already shown he can grow a Mom and Pop pizza location into a thriving franchise. Sean Brauser grew Romeo’s Pizza from one shop to a 35-location success. Now, he’s turned his attention to PizzaFire – handcrafted pizza, served very fresh and fast. It’s the food model that millennials love – fresh, healthy food served up quickly and to their individual preference.

What sets PizzaFire apart from its competitors is the quality of the food. Brauser didn’t become the award-winning pizza guru by grabbing ingredients from the freezer. In fact, PizzaFire does it so fresh that there aren’t any freezers, fryers or microwaves. The pizza dough is Brauser’s own recipe and fermented for 48 hours for perfect flavor. Basil and romaine are growing hydroponically in each location. The sauce? Made at the location with hand-crushed pear tomatoes from Northern California. All that and a cooking time of 3 minutes in an oven imported from Italy. Great pizza that adds up to a great investment.



  • Fast casual dining is a $44 billion exploding category – and pizza is in the lead as the fastest growing category
  • You become a multiple-location franchisee with 4-location deal
  • Exceptional quality – from flour imported from Italy to hand-crushed tomato sauce
  • Opportunity to be first to market
  • Expert management team with franchise and restaurant proficiency
  • Set fees help you plan a budget and profit long term


  • Larger investment needed to open multiple units
  • Prospective franchisees should have background in restaurant business
  • Need to have ability to secure additional credit if needed

Conclusion:It’s a new idea. Your franchise is to open 4 locations. PizzaFire is looking to expand rapidly and establish their footprint before competitors enter a market. Franchisees can lock up the best locations before other quick service pizza restaurants arrive. You have a strong marketing concept that is backed by an exceptionally good product. From free-range, fire-roasted chicken to the grown-in-store basil, PizzaFire is offering a proven favorite – pizza – served up in a healthier, fresher recipe. Customers are looking for food that tastes better and is good for them, but not ready to give up getting it in a hurry. The menu is simple – 6 sauces and 5 different cheeses, but from there it’s mix and match on your own specialty pizza with 40 different toppings. Each customer gets the exact pizza they want and love. You’re going to love the return on investment.


The price of a PizzaFire franchise is a bit of an oxymoron. The initial costs are in line with lower priced franchises. However, because you are franchising 4 locations, your startup costs are going to be high. The ideal location is 2,000 to 2,800 sq. ft. in a high traffic area with good household counts in a 3-mile radius. You’re going to have to find that location 4 times and, then, pay to get it up and running.

Initial Franchise Fee $29,900
On-going Royalty 5%
Ad Royalty Fee 2%
Liquid Cash Requirement $100,000
ESTIMATED TOTAL STARTUP COSTS $250,000 to $500,000 per unit


A Different Franchising Philosophy!

Call it boots on the ground or beating competitors to the punch. The philosophy of PizzaFire is to expand quickly into mostly unoccupied markets. With franchises sold in LA, Houston, Atlanta, Tampa and Miami, PizzaFire expects to have 40 to 50 stores online quickly. Just as the company-owned stores are located “in the best markets in Northeast Ohio”, according to Brauser, his approach is designed to do the same positioning for each franchisee.

Looking at the Millennials!

Millennials – those 19 to 35 – make up the largest part of the workforce. They are the group that retailers and restaurants want to win. PizzaFire is off to an extremely good start! Forbes Magazine has reported that millennials “embrace” the adage, “you are what you eat”. And, they want healthy and fresh and flavorful. PizzaFire sings their song – range free, no GMO, no freezers, no microwaves. Simply, PizzaFire offers the comfort of pizza and the pizzazz of fresh and healthy.

Things to Say – that Sell!

PizzaFire gives you all the talking points you need to sell your customer. It is sauces created by a Food Network chef. It’s an 800-degree oven imported from Italy that can fire a pizza to perfection in 180 seconds. It’s 40 quality ingredients that allow the customer to get exactly the pizza they want. It’s imported flour and a dough that is 48 hours in the making for more flavor. You’ve got all the ingredients to set you apart from your competitors and fire your success.


Becoming a PizzaFire franchisee is a buy-in – a total buy-in. They want you to be as passionate about the concept and the product as they are. And, Brauser was so sure of the concept and so excited about creating the experience in cities everywhere that he gave up his stake in the very successful Romeo’s Pizza restaurants. The idea of a high-quality, custom pizza that is ready in minutes is an idea whose time has come. It’s showing phenomenal growth and Brauser wants to make sure his signature is on every PizzaFire location. There are 40 hours of classroom work and 80 hours of in-store training – all 120 hours must be completed before a franchisee can open a store. More, the owner is expected to be dedicated to attending to the day-to-day operations – every day. If an owner chooses to have an operating partner to handle oversee the restaurant, that operating partner must own at least 20%. PizzaFire expects to be the leader in the field with the best product. As an owner, you are expected to train hard and uphold those very high standards.


Not to your door – fast casual delivers to your wallet! It’s good food, fresh food – fast. It’s pleasant – even trendy – surroundings without the fuss of a sit-down restaurant. Fast casuals have enjoyed amazing growth – but it’s not over. As they become preferred by more and more customers, the category will continue to experience superior growth. Right now, they have just under an 8% share of the $780 billion restaurant industry so there is lots of room for that continued growth. It’s happening! In 2014 fast casuals grew by 13.5% while the overall restaurant industry grew by only 5.3%. In 2015, it was 10.4% against 5.7%. Pizza is the fastest growing category in the fast-casual market. PizzaFire is positioned to be a leader in the field.

It’s the right one for you if:


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