While many beauty services cater to women and invite them to come in and relax, LunchBOX Waxing takes a different approach. It’s come in and get out. It’s a waxing salon that you can visit on your lunch hour. The longest service on their menu is 45 minutes for hair removal from both your legs – top to bottom. And, if you just want to do the bottom half of your legs, that’s only 30 minutes. That half hour could also be spent getting a Brazilian wax job. Or, if you’re a man 30 minutes can do your whole chest from neck to just below your pants line.

A LunchBOX salon is both sleek and chic. It gets right to the point – just like their waxing services. The franchise started in 2013 and had 2 company stores and 4 franchisees in 2014. By 2016, the franchisees had grown to 24. The LunchBOX franchise is part of the $7 billion beauty industry but presents a different choice from a spa or salon. Waxing has – and still is – increasing in popularity and offering a quick fix to hairy problems has very definite appeal.



  • Appeal to women and men who want waxing without investing too much time in the process
  • An affordable franchise
  • Complete speed training for your waxologists
  • Process includes custom-blended wax and skin products for pre-, during- and post-waxing
  • Menu of services is clear and easy for a client to understand


  • Startup costs as low as under $200,000 but $45,000 franchise fee
  • Short history as a franchise
  • Limited number of franchisees
  • Staffing, equipment and design all necessary

Conclusion: LunchBOX offers a quick service format and given the success of quick service restaurants that provide both ambiance and a fast way to get a meal, we think that’s a model that’s going to resonate and succeed. The LunchBOX design is very chic – they call it chic that’s cheeky. It definitely will create an appeal. While the service sounds like the perfect waxing provider for busy working man or women, it’s interesting to note that it enjoyed its initial successes in very upscale markets. This bodes well for the franchisee who may be able to win a broad audience of clients from every walk of life.


LunchBOX bills itself as both affordable and a smart business move. Because the startup costs can – but won’t always be – on the low side, we are treating it as a lower priced, more affordable franchise. However, it must be noted that the franchise fee is significant. Still, it provides the opportunity of buying into the ground floor of a franchise that seems destined for success.

Initial Franchise Fee $45,000
On-going Royalty 6%
Ad Royalty Fee 1%
Net-Worth Requirement $400,000 (with $250,000 liquid cash)
Leasehold improvements $45,000 to $150,000 with wrap and interior customization
Furniture, fixtures and equipment $25,000 to $48,000


Retro Fitness is a franchise for the serious investor. However, when you decide that the opportunity for both growth and stable income makes it the right franchise for you, here are three things you can expect when you become part of the Retro Fitness family.

Their Menu

When a customer visits the LunchBOX website, they’ll find a “menu” under services. It is an extremely easy to understand and thorough description of their services with a cartoonish drawing that shows what area of the body is covered. A prospective male customer will know exactly how his gluts and pecs will be waxed and a woman can see the difference between a bikini wax and an extended bikini wax. It would be a great sales tool – especially for the first-time user.

The BOX Out of the BOX

As part of the franchise system, the franchisee receives the BOX Out of the BOX. It is a launch kit that includes everything from fixtures and furniture to marketing collateral. Their branded retail merchandise is also included. They will assist with site selection, build-out and marketing. Along with their franchisee training, getting started with a LunchBOX franchise is simplified – and every franchisee benefits from the common look and approach!

Financing Help

LunchBOX has partnered with Guidant Financial. They offer services to help owners develop and grow and say that includes “everything from 401(K) rollovers to SBA loans”. Guidant says they will help develop personalized solutions to help their clients succeed and reach their goals. Having financial help available may make the LunchBOX franchise both possible and more successful. It may give the potential franchisee input from a financial firm that works with both franchises and small businesses.


It might be something every new franchisee – with any franchise – could use, but LunchBOX brings it out in the open. Their Concierge Coaching Program includes moral support so the franchisee can debrief, brainstorm, strategize – and vent! Now, when you’re starting a new endeavor venting may be a big plus! The Coaching Program also includes helping the franchisee develop their own vision and mission and set up their salon mindfully. It will teach how to build an implementation plan and a timeline to opening day. It’s comprehensive help that assists in mitigating risk and recognizing success. There are regular “check-in” sessions to help the franchisee continue to stay on track and grow. It’s support that can really make a difference in creating a common brand and the individual success of each franchise. LunchBOX keeps being “lonely at the top” under control with their ongoing support.


Waxing is big business – but it is often not stressed by high-end salons and spas. LunchBOX brings a wax-only experience that is efficient and quick. It’s not intimidating, although it is definitely served up in a chic, attractive environment. It is based on the idea of doing one thing and doing that one thing very well. The menu makes it easy for a client to find the service they want and the fact that it really can be done in a lunch hour is a plus. Man or woman – it’s a non-threatening quick appointment to make unwanted hair disappear. Still, it’s a concept that you will have to join your franchiser in selling to create the success you want.

It’s the one for you if:

  • You like training for your employees and comprehensive support for you
  • You appreciate being able to start out with just two waxing areas
  • The lower startup total makes the franchise possible for you
  • The financial help partnership is important to you for both help and advice
  • You like the acknowledgement that you might need to vent
  • You have always wanted to profit from the billions spent in the beauty industry





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