It’s time to take men’s grooming seriously – very seriously. Just look at Sports Clips – a hair salon designed for men. It has grown exponentially. In fact, Sports Clips now ranks #9 in Entrepreneurs top 500 franchises. Hammer and Nails is set to follow in those big footsteps. A new franchise, Hammer and Nails is giving men what they’re looking for -- a grooming shop for men. It offers manly manicures and pedicures, haircuts and straight razor shaves in an atmosphere that designed to put men at ease. It’s a full service mancave.

The idea is unique – but it is well known. Founder Michael Elliot appeared on Shark Tank’s season six – a guest on the most-watched season premiere in Shark Tank’s history. The sharks didn’t bite, but Elliot still raised over $200,000 from private investors and created unmatched interest for the new franchise. Founded in 2016, the franchise has already secured 221 AR licenses and 19 franchise licenses. Simply, Hammer and Nails is catching a rising wave as men realize that being well-groomed will help them succeed at every level, in business and in their personal lives. Grease under the nails and ragged toenails that catch on both the sheet and his partner just don’t cut it in today’s world. Men want to be pampered – their way. They want a big leather chair, a flat screen TV with a remote in their hand and a cold, tall beverage. Hammer and Nails has all those things and more! Hammer and Nails is your opportunity to get in at the start and grow with an idea whose time has come.



  • You get all the advantages of being in on the ground floor – a choice of locations and the opportunity to grow with the franchise
  • Franchise is actively seeking new franchisees
  • It’s a new service in the rapidly growing men’s grooming industry
  • Offers services like manicures and pedicures that aren’t readily available in a manly atmosphere
  • An interior design that invites men to relax – and return
  • Following in the footsteps of very successful men’s grooming franchises


  • A new idea in franchises without a long history
  • Concept will need to be promoted to bring in new clients
  • Upscale furnishing necessary to create “mancave” ambiance
  • Common man” appeal will have to be established
  • Necessary equipment must be purchased
  • Office space required for franchise with 3 or more vans

Conclusion: The positive of being at the forefront of a new franchise cannot be underestimated. Wouldn’t you have liked to have been one of the original McDonald’s franchisers? However, being first comes with some risk. The business model will have to be established and “sold” to the likely client. However, men’s grooming is one of the fastest growing segments in the beauty industry and Hammer and Nails is poised to become the “go-to” provider of full-service grooming for men. The man-centric decorating and amenities are a definite invitation to bring in the male client and turn them into regulars. Men may come for the haircut, but once they try a manicure, pedicure or specialized shave, they are going to add those service to their grooming routine.


The initial franchise fee is $39,000. The estimated initial investment ranges from a low of $246,695 to a high of $599,895. The net-worth requirement is not as high as many franchises, both in total personal finances and in liquid cash. Hammer and Nails has third-party financing relationships that can help finance the franchise fee, startup costs, equipment and inventory. Absentee owners are accepted so you can keep your job and still become a franchisee. Between 10 to 20 employees will be needed, including those that meet the licensing requirements of your state to provide personal grooming service.

Initial Franchise Fee $39,000
On-going Royalty 6%
Ad Royalty Fee 1%
Net-Worth Requirement $500,000 (with $100,000 liquid cash)
Ownership requirement Absentee owners accepted
Financing 3rd party relationships available for financing assistance0

Why You Want a Ground-Floor Franchise

You’re Going to Get More Help

Simple logic tells you that a new franchise is looking for growth. That means that they will offer more support to each franchisee. Your success is very much their success. Thus, they are going to give their start-up franchisees an extra measure of help to build that success. Count on the franchiser for everything from finding a great location to supporting your grand opening.

Help with Financing

Hammer and Nails has put third-party financing in place to help you with your startup costs. This may make owning a franchise possible for you! It’s an extra hand-up to get you off to a successful start. Also, absentee ownership is acceptable so you can keep your job while your franchise grows. That’s extra breathing room. You can get started while keeping your “day job”.

You Grow with the Franchise

Being one of the original franchisees gives you a definite edge. You can expand your franchise as your Hammer and Nails grows in popularity. You are part of a rapidly growing market segment – grooming help for men. You play a role in their success by giving each man a polished look to grow his career while his loyalty will help you grow your franchise.


Men’s grooming is a growth category. It’s a man’s world and men are starting to realize that it’s manly to be well groomed. But, where can they go? A woman’s salon is downright awkward. The barber shop is far from full service. Hammer and Nails is filling a niche that is ready to be filled. Men want the same confidence women have when they know they look good. Whether it’s a big date night or an important presentation at the office, men are realizing that well-groomed hands and feet are as important as a good haircut. You’re going to meet your franchise goals by helping men meet their goals in both their business and professional lives.


It’s the right one for you if:

  • You want to get in on the ground floor of a business;
  • You’re not afraid of helping create growth for yourself and the franchise;
  • You like the extra help and attention that comes with being one of the original franchisees
  • You know good grooming is important and you want to help men look their best.
  • You love the mancave atmosphere that will help you grow your business, and
  • You want to be a forerunner in a growing business category.


Operations coaching, marketing initiatives, business analysis, staff training and promotional materials are all included in the support offered by the Hammers and Nails franchise. Finding the right location is important in your success and Hammer and Nails will help you with real estate selection. They know you want to get your location off to the best possible start so they will do a full week of onsite training in addition to the 3-day training at the franchise headquarters. You will be given the necessary foundation to build a solid, profitable business. You’ll create a successful mancave atmosphere and even have advertising support and materials to help you grow it to your full potential. As a new franchise, Hammer and Nails has a stake in making an investment in you and your success.

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