The European Wax Center Story – Past, Present and Future

With more than a decade of success, European Wax Centers are part a billion-dollar industry. Men and women spent $11 billion on out-of-home waxing in 2015 and those numbers are continuing to grow. They are fueled by women who would rather relax in an upscale salon, enjoy a special French wax and leave feeling beautiful than shave or wax at home. Men have definitely joined the waxing clientele. They are no longer content to put up with unsightly back or chest hair – and hairy-all-over has been relegated to the bears and maybe Big Foot if he’s ever found. The male clientele has big growth potential as more and more men find good grooming acceptable and, even, manly.

Started in 2006, European Wax Center has risen to the top of the industry. Their wax is unique, a French product, it works at a lower, comfortable heat especially important to women who want bikini waxing. European Wax Center focuses on creating an upscale, high-end experience for its clients. As a franchisee, you benefit from a corporate image that reflects a proven commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence in a growing industry.

The Pros and Cons of Investing in a European Wax Center Franchise


  • Well-known, exceptional nationwide reputation
  • P.R.I.D.E. training
  • State-of-the-art technology in place
  • Marketing support, including online
  • Absentee-ownership approved
  • Part of growing beauty industry


  • Substantial investment required
  • Franchisee must have solid financial wealth and liquid assets
  • Excellent location and upscale interior design needed
  • Requires competent, friendly staff of 12 or more

Conclusion: The proven success of European Wax Center franchises and the continuing growth of all beauty-category businesses are strong assurances that the company will be an excellent investment for new franchisees.


The European Wax Center provides a high-end ambience to soothe and please clients. It is an upscale franchise that requires a substantial investor. The initial franchise fee is $45,0000 and prospective buyers should have a net worth of $2 million and liquid cash of $400,000. The total initial investment will range from $292,200 to $374,897. A dozen employees are required to run a European Wax Center.

Initial Franchise Fee $45,00
On-going Royalty 6%
Ad Royalty Fee 1%
Net-Worth Requirement $2,000,000 (with $400,000 liquid cash)
Ownership Absentee ownership allowed
Additional products Bath and beauty plus skin European Wax Center skin products

Give Your Clients Strut and Build Extra Sales

It’s the keyword for European Wax, building strut in every client. Strut is that walk that says confidence. It’s saying I look good, I feel good and I know it. Strut! It’s collections of luxurious beauty products designed to keep that beautiful skin you’ve revealed hydrated and lovely. It’s special makeup and beauty product collections. It’s extra sales – extra profit – for the franchisee. The Strut 365™ collection includes beauty products that have been heralded by beauty experts on their blogs and won praise from the users. They include:

Strut Lavishly

A collection of body wash, body lotion and body polish in three different fragrances. The names of the fragrances say it all – there’s Strut Cheeky, Strut Graceful and Strut Sensual. Your customers are going to want the collection in more than one of these amazing scents.

Strut Boldly

Today’s beauty standards put more and more emphasis on a strong brow. Women want that Brooke Shields look, but not every woman is born with it. When they choose Strut Bold, they get all the help they need from special brushes and powders to tweezers and highlighters for the eyebrows they want – and extra sales you want.

Strut Smoothly

It’s everything your client needs after visiting European Wax. It has both body and face exfoliating gels and even a restoring serum. It is the products a client wants and the proof that visiting European Wax Centers is not just about getting rid of hair – it’s about revealing beautiful skin!

Count on Getting the Support to Be Successful

Franchisees can count on complete training. European Wax Center points to P.R.I.D.E. as part of their recipe for success. The parent company Provides a “whole new dimension of franchise” to Raise the bar in terms of structure, image, technology and guest services. It Inspires, is Dedicated to relationships and growth and recognizes the importance of Educating and evaluating. Count on a full week at the company headquarters and another week of follow-up training. Marketing support includes coop advertising and national and regional media. Internet support is another important ingredient in franchise support.

How European Wax Helps You Build Your Client Base

The first visit is always free. It brings new clients through the doors. Once they’ve been to European Wax, they’re going to want to come back on their own. But, European Wax puts the emphasis on turning each person into a regular client – and they give you the tools to make it work. A Wax Pass, Unlimited Wax Membership and the 4 Steps to Gorgeous program all invite clients to return again and again. As a franchisee, you benefit from the ease of bringing a new client to the Center and the programs designed to turn them into a regular client. It’s the future you want for your investment.

European Wax Center

Is this franchise the one for you? When you’re ready to turn your investment
dollars into a business that offers excellent ROI, one of the franchises that gives you
the assurance of having already earned an exceptional national reputation is:

It’s the one for you if:

  • You want to invest in a business that is a proven success;
  • You want a franchise that makes it easy to be a first-time customer,
  • but builds the bottom line by creating a regular, loyal clientele;
  • You want to join an industry that has excellent growth potential;
  • You are able to make a substantial investment to be a successful franchisee;
  • You don’t want to be tied down by the day-to-day minutiae of running the
    business yourself – you’re looking for absentee ownership;
  • You have the skill to build a winning team of employees, and
  • You enjoy making people feel good about themselves and their looks


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