If it’s crunch time for you and you’ve decided you want to work for yourself, and you want to do it as a franchisee, don’t overlook the buzz coming from Crunch Fitness. It’s going to take a substantial investment to get started, but you’re investing in one of the best-known names in the business. Crunch Fitness took a long, hard look at the fitness business and, then, they went to work to design a gym were there were no judgements. Everyone is welcome. That means people of widely different fitness levels; people with different goals and people who want different fitness experiences. Offering everything from group classes and the finest strength and cardio equipment available to Zumba and tanning, gives you a wide client base.

“No Judgement” is the Crunch Fitness watchword, but you should judge the successes they’ve accomplished. The median number of members for a Crunch Fitness is 6,440 and they create gross sales of $1,906,306 and median operating profit of $444,449. That’s a per unit median! Members have a choice of monthly fees as low as $9.95 or they can lay claim to a higher value membership that includes it all from small group training to HydroMassage. Crunch puts you in the driver’s seat with one of the most recognized and respected names in the business. Their reputation extends beyond just the areas where they have locations. It’s a name that will give you a leg up on starting a profitable franchise. If you can meet the financial and franchise requirements, you should give them serious consideration.



  • Well respected company name
  • Good choices for every member with “No Judgement”
  • High median profits
  • It’s a high value/low cost guest experience
  • You build your success on helping members be healthy


  • Initial investment can top $2 million
  • Need to be well staffed and well equipped
  • Entering a highly competitive market
  • Must turn guests into loyal members
  • Need to nourish, empower & entertain members

Conclusion: You need deep pockets to establish your Crunch Fitness location, but you are going to have a name that says quality and a track record that says you could make a very, very good income. Absentee ownership is acceptable so if you trust someone to manage and run your location, you’re free to keep your day job – or go on vacation. You’re offering your member everything great equipment and classes to personal training and more! It pays off.


There’s an old saying that say you get what you pay for. In this case, you’ll need to pay for top quality equipment and an expert staff. But, the rewards are top quality, too. The median profits of over $400,000 show you how much you can earn. There is in-house financing help to cover the fee and third-party financing to help with everything from startup to payroll.

Initial Franchise Fee $25,000
On-going Royalty 5%
Advertising Royalty Fee 2%
Net-Worth Requirement $1,000,000
Liquid Cash Requirement $400,000
ESTIMATED TOTAL STARTUP COSTS $304,500 to $2,129,500


You are becoming a franchisee of a well-established fitness facility. With a 7-year track record, you are able to do your due diligence and know if the investment is right for you. If it is, here are three things you can expect from Crunch Fitness.

No Judgement

No Judgement is the mantra of Crunch Fitness. It’s what powers the day-to-day operation of every location. It means welcoming everyone regardless of shape or size, gender or fitness lever. Clients get the help they need, but they are in charge of choosing the workout that they feel fits them and their goals. Crunch staff is directed to encourage and empower each member. It’s a formula that has led to a wide client audience and to success.

Making Membership Easy

Crunch Fitness understands that loyal membership is what creates a secure foundation for its franchisees. They make it easy to belong. Memberships start at just $9.95 a month. That membership can be upgraded to include group fitness classes, HydroMassage beds, free tanning, guest privileges and multi-club access for an additional fee. Your members choose the plan they want and never feel locked into a high price that makes them drop out.

A Great Track Record

When you become a Crunch Fitness franchisee, all you have to do is look at the numbers to know you made a good choice. There are over 225 locations in operation and commitments that will almost triple that number. Best, there are a million happy members with a median membership of over 6,400 per location. Crunch Fitness overs a high value fitness experience at a low price and is part of a growing industry. It’s a great fit for you!


If you member wants it, you offer it. Crunch Fitness has a great menu of classes and an ideal workout space. The gym design balances the right amount of cardio and strength-training with small and large group areas. Your member wants to ride? There’s an indoor cycling studio. A Crunch Fitness is carefully designed and offers something for everyone. You help them sculpt the body they want with classes like Belly, Butt and Thighs Bootcamp, Yoga Body Sculpt and more. The Camp Crunch Training Program looks at fitness with an eye to personal training, small group training and nutrition. For beginner or seasoned workout participant, Camp Crunch will support the individual and their goals. There’s even an online portal so members can track their programs and see what’s happening next. Add in-club events, supporting local partners, national promotions and you’re going to get the help you need to secure a strong membership base.


You’re going to get the support you need from Crunch Fitness. You’ve seen the median profits and you know that you can create a location that will exceed even those. You’ll get the help you need – memorable, convincing advertisements with ad slicks from corporate and a presence on national and regional media. There are purchasing coops so you can get what you need and save money. You’ll get help with online marketing and be supported by a great national website. There’s even a toll-free line so you can get the answers you need when a question arises – no stress! Plus, you’ll be well prepared with 40 hours of training onsite and 16 hours of training at the headquarters. If you’re looking for a great investment, but already have a career you love, Crunch Fitness allows absentee ownership. You can find the right management and team to give your members a great experience while you continue with the job you love while you and your location prospers.

It’s the right one for you if:

  • You want to be part of an industry leader;
  • You can afford the buildout for a great gym;
  • The median membership and income look great;
  • You can create a No Judgement gym; and,
  • You want to help others be healthy and strong!


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