Looking for a Great ROI? Join the Booming Beauty Industry

Published November 9, 2017

CNBC pegged beauty services’ pre-tax average income as over $90,000 and the beauty category is expected to grow by over 6% each year, reaching a $675B market by 2020. By providing beauty services that fill – and will continue to fill – the demands of growing beauty categories, these three franchises are poised to take advantage of the projected phenomenal growth.

European Wax Center

European Wax Center Waxing is Big Business. In 2015, it was an $11 billion industry. European Wax Center has earned the reputation as an industry leader and has an 11-year track record of success. They provide waxing with a proprietary lower temperature wax that removes discomfort and are a full-service center providing waxing for every part of the body for both men and women. European Wax Center hits all the Benchmarks that today’s clients want. Their centers are chic and modern. They emphasize not just waxing but revealing beautiful skin, stressing the benefits of their service. Their STRUT collections for brow, body and skin care please their clients and create a second revenue stream. Membership programs, including the Wax Pass and Unlimited Wax Membership, let clients save money and earn valuable reward points. Plus, they create a reason to book regular visits. Their strong digital presence includes online appointment booking and a EWC app available at the Apple and Google stores to bring those services to the smartphone. An Investment in a European Wax Center is an investment in a proven business model that provides a strong foundation for a fast start and continued growth in the out-of-home waxing category that has added more than 3 million women in the last three years alone – and that’s not counting the number of men who are turning to waxing to get rid of unwanted hair.

Primp and Blow

Primp and Blow Makeup and Hair Services Growth are Trending Up. And, Primp and Blow provides all the services that today’s women want. From special hairstyles and beautifully applied makeup for that very special event to just a shampoo and blowout for women in a hurry, Primp and Blow has locked up a business model that meets a variety of needs and that gives them a special niche as a one-stop shop for hair and makeup. For the Special Event, Primp and Blow does it all. They offer everything -- hair extensions, lashes and glamorous makeup to create big-event confidence for every woman. It’s the perfect way for bridal parties to enjoy a special time together while they get ready to walk down the aisle. It goes across generations offering the teen a perfect prom look or a Princess service for the flower girl. In addition to event beauty, the busy woman can enjoy a quick shampoo and blowout that will carry her through the work week. There is excellent digital support with appointments available by computer or smartphone. A Deep-pocket Experience is offered at a Very Reasonable Price. The franchisee will benefit from a template for interior design and the savings of established vendor relationships. The goal of Primp and Blow is to provide a luxurious experience, but to make it affordable for every woman. The training provided by the franchisor insures that every franchisee will be able to meet that goal and build a strong customer base based on personalized, reasonably priced services.

Amazing Lash Studio

Amazing Lash Studio It’s an Amazing Opportunity with built-in repeat Business! Women love their eyelashes. Mascara is often named as the one makeup women wouldn’t do without – until they visit an Amazing Lash Studio for eyelash extensions. Amazing Lash Studio is the answer to beautiful lashes – long, thick and never needing mascara. Best of all, women who try them say they wouldn’t live without them. That has helped rank Amazing Lash Studio as 14th in Entrepreneur’s 500 Top New Franchises and it makes it a great opportunity for franchisees. Amazing Lash Studio is an Industry Leader. The franchise offers complete training so that the aestheticians and cosmetologists at every Amazing Lash Studio location know how to meet the high standards of the franchise. They can help each client choose the right eyelash extensions – from natural and cute to luxurious and glamorous. Applied to the clients’ natural eyelashes, the eyelash extensions fall out with the natural pattern of eyelash loss. That means that you develop regular clients who come back for refills because women want that beautiful look – without mascara – 24/7. Clients have Beautiful Choices. Amazing Lash Studio clients can choose from different shapes, lengths and thicknesses to create the look they want. They even come in colors! You please them, and you benefit with a return customer who comes back for refills. The average Amazing Lash Studio customer visits the studio 1.4 times each month. That’s return business that gives the franchisee as solid, reliable monthly income and puts Amazing Lash Studio in the top 50 of Entrepreneur’s fastest growing franchise list. The predictions are in – disposable income is rising, and the growth of the beauty industry will rise along with it. If you’re looking for a franchise with a solid foundation and excellent ROI, considering a beauty franchise like the three here may be the answer to a successful future.