Invest in a Rapidly Growing Business Category

Published November 24, 2017

The massage therapy category grew by an amazing 14% between 2011 to 2015. It is phenomenal growth that is expected to continue as discretionary incomes rise and the medical benefits of massage are quantified. Millennials take their health and wellness very seriously. They are a larger generation than even the Baby Boomers and as more experience and share beneficial massage experiences, they will become a big factor in the projected growth.

Massage Health Benefits are Being Quantified

A recent study by the School of Health and Rehabilitation at Indiana University-Purdue University found that massage was an effective treatment for chronic low back pain. It was the first study of its kind and showed clinically meaningful change from massage – especially in the Baby Boomer age group. It is expected that this study will give rise to additional research on low back pain, the second most common cause of disability. The medical benefits of massage will further fuel the growth of the industry. A survey of massage clients by the American Massage Therapy Association showed that 52% of the participants had booked the massage for medical reasons that ranged from pain management to maintaining wellness.

Massage for Every Person

The most popular massage is a Swedish massage – one of the most relaxing massages with its long, smooth strokes. But, there is a massage for every need. Massage Heights offers athletes pre-activity massages that stretches connective tissue for a full range of motion and to reduce the possibility of injury. They also offer post-activity sports massage that concentrates on helping muscle tissue recover. Massage Heights clients can have a targeted massage that focuses on a specific area like upper body release and relax or lower leg and foot relief. These 30-minute targeted sessions provide Massage Heights clients a quick but effective fix to problem areas. In addition to massages, Massage Heights, like many other franchises, also offers facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion and other skin services. As you investigate massage franchises look for a full selection of massage from specialty treatments like hot stone massage to foot massage and the additional revenue of beauty treatments. Massage for Every Person

Combining Massage and Beauty for a Double Win

Massage franchises understand that their clients are interested in more than just a massage – they are interested in their overall wellbeing and appearance. Franchises like Massage Envy offer not just massages, but also a full range of additional services like advanced skin care treatments that include facials and chemical peels. Massage Envy clients can even opt for a special microdermabrasion infusion that exfoliates and hydrates for beautiful skin. Additionally, they carry the Murad skin care products. It’s great services for the clients and a great way to create an additional revenue stream for the franchisee. Like other massage franchises, Massage Envy also offers a full menu of massages to reach a wide range of clients from athletes or weekend warriors looking to reduce pain or improve performance to those looking for a stress-reducing, relaxing massage experience.

Massage Can Be Very Zen

Each massage franchise has its own special appeal. For example, In-Symmetry Spa takes an almost Zen-like approach to massage with a “structural focus” to bring the body back into balance and create symmetry. They offer skin care services, a variety of massages and, even, Accumassage that combines acupuncture with massage in a personalized treatment to address individual needs. In-symmetry Spa classifies itself as a day spa, a different spin from Massage Envy who can be found in convenient retail-oriented areas for their customers’ convenience. Massage Heights positions its franchise as a journey of wellness and sells memberships to help its clients make massage a part of their everyday good health.

A Wide Appeal Will Continue to Fuel Growth

By 2015, massage therapy had grown to a $12.1 billion industry. Between July 2015 to July 2016, surveys indicated that 19 to 25% of adult Americans received a massage. If a fourth of the adults are enjoying a massage, it can be expected that word-of-mouth will contribute to continued growth along with the increasing interest in health and wellbeing. Revenue growth is predicted to continue at a rate of almost 4% through 2020. Massage franchises offer entry into a lucrative and growing business category. Plus, as a prospective franchisee, you have a choice of different appeals and environments to find the one best suited to you, your location and your financial wherewithal. An additional benefit of being a massage franchisee is that you are investing in bringing your clients a healthier, more relaxed lifestyle.