Amazing Lash is just that -- amazing. The studio uses a patented process to apply eyelash extensions. Amazing Lash has been franchising their studios for just 4 years and in that time made it to just about the middle of Entrepreneur’s top 500 Franchises and came in at 14 for Top New Franchise. Women have known that beautiful eyelashes make beautiful eyes. In fact, in the 1400’s, eyelashes were considered so alluring that women plucked them out to be modest. Today’s woman is ready to go for it. More, they want to wake up looking beautiful and not spend time putting on false eyelashes or several coats of mascara. They want natural beauty – not crooked falsies or racoon eyes. Eyelash extensions are the answer. It’s a category that is growing. There are more than 2 million photos of #eyelashes on Instagram and as an Amazing Lash franchisee, you can be part of that growth.

Amazing Lash has a patented process to apply extensions that range from cute to glamorous. One of the best things about the process is that clients return about every 2 to 4 weeks for “refills” that keep their eyelashes looking long, lush – and natural. Additionally, the Amazing Lash technology lets women who are traveling book an appointment for that maintenance visit in any city – and all the information about them is available to you -- so you keep them happy, satisfied customers and build the brand!



  • Recognized by the experts at Entrepreneur as a Top New Franchise
  • It’s a process that creates return clients
  • Full training to provide consistent excellence
  • Patented process only available at Amazing Lash
  • You become part of the forefront on a growing beauty service
  • Excellent technology for customers to use and to track their preferences


  • Staff must be licensed aestheticians or cosmetologists
  • Location must be convenient to attract clients
  • Private, individual areas needed for customers during application
  • Lease improvements, furnishings and equipment required
  • Staff must undergo 70 hours of training before applying eyelashes

Conclusion: This is a business with a built-in repeat client. Women who love eyelash extensions are not going to give them up. Since the extensions are applied to the clients existing eyelashes, they follow the natural pattern of eyelash loss. Clients must return to have their extensions maintained. You will need to find and hire a licensed staff that has the personality and focus on customer satisfaction to help you bring those customers back. But, once you win a client’s business, you have won a repeat customer. Although it is one of the fastest growing new franchises, it is still new. That means you have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor and then grow your business as the franchise grows.


The Amazing Lash franchise will take an investment on your part. Depending on what the location you choose needs in terms of upgrades and buildout, your investment can top the half-million mark. However, the costs are very much in-line with the opportunity and with the costs of other franchises.

Initial Franchise Fee $39,00
On-going Royalty 6%
Ad Royalty Fee 1%
Net-Worth Requirement $600,000 (with $100,000 liquid cash)
Lease Expenses $6,000 to $14,000
Lease improvements $120,000 to $300,000


From Beyoncé’s mink eyelashes to the before and after photos you find on Pinterest, eyelash extensions are giving women the look they want without additional cosmetics and without having to try to coax false eyelashes into place by themselves. Eyelash extensions let a woman wake up feeling beautiful!

How Eyelash Extensions Work

Eyelash extensions are applied to a woman’s existing eyelashes. The trained aesthetician or cosmetologist will help the client select the look the select the eyelash extensions to create the look she wants. The extensions follow nature’s pattern of eyelash loss. When a client loses an eyelash, they lose the extension, too. This means they’ll return for maintenance to keep the lush eyelashes they love – you benefit from Mother Nature.

The Training Gives the Franchise Consistency

The Amazing Lash franchise requires complete training. Each cosmetologist must be licensed and they must undergo 70 hours of training. Founder Jessica Le developed the patented process used in all studios. Her expertise as an industry leader is widely recognized and each franchise benefits from her experience.

You Get the Tools You Need to Create New Customers

It starts with the first visit. Amazing Lash offers that initial appointment at a cost below most competitors. This makes it easy for you to get the first-time customer. They then offer monthly memberships to make it easy for clients to return and keep their eyelashes full and lush. The average client visits the Amazing Lash studio 1.4 times a month.


Amazing Lash has made their reputation for excellence a standard for every franchisee. As a franchisee, you will get complete pre-opening training and the startup assistance you need to be strong out of the box. Going forward, you can expect on-going support that includes help with marketing, advertising and branding. The enterprise technology is intuitive so it’s easy to use, but it’s strong enough to keep up with your growth. It has great management tools to grow the brand. It also allows Amazing Lash customers to receive their preferred, personalized services at any location. Plus, Amazing Lash knows that sometimes you want to go by the book so you’ll receive a confidential and comprehensive operations manual to give you the answers you need when you need them!


They understand building a customer base. They start out by being competitive – very competitive. When a woman decides to give lash extensions a try, Amazing Lash helps you win that new customer with an initial visit that is a low price – lower than many of its competitors. Your franchise gets the first opportunity to apply the eyelashes, please the customer and turn them into a regular client. There are monthly memberships available that makes that return visit very easy. Plus, you’ll benefit from being part of the Amazing Lash franchise since a client who moves to your city – or even is just there visiting – can make an appointment at your studio and you’ll be able to access all the information to keep that customer a happy Amazing Lash client.

It’s the one for you if:

  • You like a protected territory;
  • You are confident in Entrepreneur’s ranking of the franchise;
  • You love making women feel great and look great;
  • You like the idea of having a licensed, well-trained staff;
  • You appreciate having approved vendors and established suppliers.
  • You want a patented process that sets your franchise apart .
  • You have the skill to build a winning team of employees, and
  • You enjoy making people feel good about themselves and their looks




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